Tap is an exciting dance form that makes you the musician along with the dancer. It explores the use of smaller muscles of the feet and body, along with the larger ones. Significance is placed on the articulation of tap sounds while working to perform them “close to the floor” and on the “balls of their feet” along with “style and presentation”. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental rhythms, body alignment, level, accenting, shading and weight changes of tap dancing.
The students will begin their development of the tap vocabulary. Every class includes warm ups, technique, across the floor work and a dance combination.
NOTE: Students are expected to master the basics at each level before progressing to the next, and are admitted into upper levels only with prior experience or approval of the instructor.
  • Class Elements



    Across the Floor Work

    Dance Combinations

  • Required Attire

    Jazz Pants, Biker Shorts, Dance Top or Leotards

    Tap Shoes

    Hair Tied Back in a Ponytail or Bun

    No Tennis Shoes or Bare Feet

    Boys: Form Fitting Shorts/Pants, Fitted Top

  • What to Bring

    Water Bottle


Pre-Register Starting July 1st – Classes Begin August 5th