If I Try a Class, is it Free?

TDC offers dancers the chance to try the class to make sure it s a good fit before they pay. Payment will be collected after class. If, for any reason, the class was not a good fit for your dancer, you will not be charged for the hour.

How can I be sure that I am not billed for tuition once I decide to stop dancing?

Students enrolled in classes will be billed the 1st of each month until TDC receives a written cancellation. Written cancellations are due by the 25th of the month and may be submitted by:

  1. Coming into the studio and filling out a cancellation form
  2. Sending a letter by fax to 951.699.5552
  3. Sending an email to

If you submit your cancellation by email or fax. you will be contacted within two business days to confirm the receipt of your cancellation.

Temecula Dance Company does not take responsibility for faxes or emails that were not successfully delivered. Please contact us ASAP if you have not heard from us regarding your cancellation.

Any cancellations received after the 1st will take affect the following month as tuition will already have been billed.


If my teacher recommends that I change levels or classes am I automatically enrolled in the new class?

No.  Any changes to a student’s schedule must be made by the student or their parent at the front counter.  Teachers evaluate students and recommend that they change levels as they master the techniques and skills of each level.  These signed evaluation forms give permission for the student to take a higher-level class.  They are not notices of a changed schedule.