Policies & Procedures

Dance Families,

Please review our studio policies and procedures listed below. We would like to work with you in order to provide your dancer with the very best dance instruction:

Class Policies

  • DRESS:

    Dancers need to arrive to class dressed properly – hair tied back, shoes, leotard etc. No baggy clothes that will prevent the instructor from seeing the body alignment – exceptions for hip hop. It is also important mentally for the dancers to be dressed properly for dance. Just as you would not arrive to swimming class in school clothes, you should not arrive to dance in play clothes. Make sure you bring the proper shoes. Dancer arriving to class in inappropriate or revealing clothing will not be permitted to dance that day.

  • FOOD:

    Please, no food, drinks or gum are allowed in the dance rooms.  Water is always allowed. Every dancer should have a water bottle with them at all times.


    All classes begin exactly on time. Please plan to arrive to class early with a few minutes to spare. Any student arriving later than 15 minutes from the beginning of class time will not be permitted to dance. This is strictly a safety issue as a student could suffer serious injury if they have not properly stretched.  It is also disruptive to the instructor and other students to have class interrupted to accommodate a late student.


    In order to provide your children with the highest quality of instruction, we need parents to work with us when observing your child’s class.

    Every room at the Temecula Parkway and Winchester studio locations has a window and seating area where parents may conveniently view the dance class and the instruction of their dancer.

    Older siblings may wait in the lobby; younger siblings, too, as long as they are well supervised.

    For safety reasons, children are not permitted in the dance rooms or stairways at any time.


    Limited Childcare services are available. The parent or guardian must be in class while children are in childcare. The cost is $2 per visit.  Please contact the studio for availability during parent participation classes.


    Each week students are to attend the class(es) they are enrolled in.  TDC understands that students may occasionally miss a class due to illness or other circumstances.

    Make-up classes are available August – March.  Not all classes will have make-up options available.  Call for availability.

    Make-ups must be used within 30 days of absence. Dancer must be a current student to attend any make-up classes.

    Make-ups are NOT available April – July as classes are working on specific choreography in preparation for their recital performances.

    TDC reserves the right to turn away unscheduled make-ups.  Credits or refunds will not be given for classes not made up.

    If your are unable to regularly attend your scheduled class, please call or visit the studio to adjust your schedule.


    Every dance season, we have 15 fabulous recital shows the last few weeks of July. Every dance class for dancer’s ages 3 to adult will participate in one recital show. Dancers showcase to both family and friends what they have learned throughout their experience in our program. Parents will receive more information regarding show dates and costumes during the first week of February. Costumes are ordered in March, and new enrollment ends during the first week of April. At this time classes dedicate a portion of their time to rehearsing the routine that they will be performing in one of the recital shows.


    All cancellations must be in writing by the 25th of the month.

    Please Note: If written notice is not received by the 25th of the month, you will be billed and responsible for following month’s non-refundable tuition on the 1st.

    Please send cancellation notifications to accounts@temeculadancecompany.com

Proper Dance Attire

  • Ballet:

    • Hair in a bun
    • Black leotard
    • Pink tights
    • Pink ballet shoes
  • Jazz & Tap:

    • Jazz pant
    • Biker short
    • Dance top or leotard
    • Jazz or Tap shoes
    • No tennis shoes or bare feet
    • Hair tied back in ponytail or bun
  • Hip Hop:

    • Sweat pants, joggers, basketball shorts
    • Baggy t-shirts, jerseys, tank tops
    • Tennis shoes/sneakers (worn only in dance class)
    • No jeans, shorts, tight pants, sandals or bare feet
  • Combo:

    • Leotard and tights
    • Ballet shoes and tap shoes
    • Hair in ponytail or bun