Hip Hop

Hip-Hop dance encompasses many of the classical dance styles, but is presented in a street or non-traditional format.  The student is introduced to rhythm, musicality, control, dynamics, posture, and performance.  Though hip-hop is usually high energy, some classes are now taught to use more isolation techniques.

The goal of this class is to provide a framework of choreography in which each dancer will be able to add their own personal style and attitude.

NOTE: Students are expected to master the basics at each level before progressing to the next, and are admitted into upper levels only with prior experience or approval of the instructor.
  • Class Elements

    Basic Technique

  • Required Attire

    Sweat pants, baggy basketball shorts

    Baggy T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Jerseys

    Shoes with good support, Shoes should be just for dance-no street shoes

    No jeans, shorts above the knee, tight pants, sandals or bare feet

  • What to Bring

    Water Bottle


Pre-Register Starting July 1st – Classes Begin August 5th