Age 3 – Combo (Tap, Ballet & Jazz)

About Combo Classes...

The “combo” class is a combination class for the young dancer which includes ballet, jazz, and tap.  The dancer will learn the basics of each technique as well as developing coordination and gross motor skills (hopping, leaping, skipping, etc.) The instructors use a class syllabus, along with positive feedback, to guide and encourage the young dancer. In the combo class the dancers will learn the importance of taking turns and working together.
*The dancers are required to wear a leotard and tights with their hair tied back.  Ballet and tap shoes are a MUST for this hour long class!

Which Class?

My child is 3 years old.  Should we enroll in the 2-3 Combo or the 3-4 Combo?
  • Younger 3’s should start in the 2-3 Combo.
  • Older 3’s who are ready for a more structured hour, should enroll in the 3-4 Combo.
  • Your teacher will help you to adjust your child’s level as needed.


Pre-Register Starting July 1stClasses Begin August 5th